CO2 Regulator w/ 2 Gauges/Solenoid/Bubble Counter

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For use with compatible SIDE MOUNT CO2 Refillable Cylinders.

Product Features:
1. Depressurized system design with accurate internal structure and refined aesthetic appearance.
2. The outlet pressure of this cylinder is set at 2-3kg/cm2 to eliminate sounds of gas discharging with safety and security.
3. Check valve with bubble counter: prevents backflow into the cylinder with refined aesthetic style. Transparency design is convenient for observation.
4. Energy-saving solenoid magnetic valve operated in low-voltage could operate quietly in a safe environment without temperature rise.

Methods of Application
1. First confirm that the thread is appropriate for CO2 cylinder before use.
2. Directly connect the product to CO2 cylinder, fill two third of water for bubble counter before connecting the power, then adjust bubble to 2~5 bubble/second by screwing the knob.
3. Use with timer to set the operating time of light and CO2 system will be convenient to work the aquarium plant system.
4. Use with PH controller can automatically turn on/off CO2 discharging according to the PH value of water.

1. Confirmation that the thread is appropriate for CO2 cylinder is required, due to many different specifications of thread in the market. Once damaged, the thread will be ruined beyond repair.
2. To remove this product, shut the CO2 supply off then connecting the power. Turn on the CO2 discharging knob of regulator to evacuate internal air and remove.
3. A complementary O-ring pressure seal is positioned with cable tie. Please store it properly.


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