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Introducing the next level in Planted nano aquarium lighting...

The FLEXI-mini HCRI LED light fixture, the world’s first full spectrum LED that can satisfy the lighting demands for all aquatic plants. Compared with traditional fluorescent tubes, the FLEXI-mini HCRI LED has more than double the photosynthesis efficiency to simulate the generation of chlorophyll and anthocyanin of aquatic plants.

Made from a solid piece of aerospace aluminum block cut into a one piece uni-body lamp shell with superior design; its body volume is drastically reduced to maintain excellent efficiency of heat dissipation.

The FLEXI-mini HCRI LED will allow you to establish a satisfying natural Aquascape in a small aquarium tank with ease.


Mr Aqua bookshelf... the tank that started the bookshelf craze

Mr Aqua's new 3FT 'Book Shelf' Glass Tank, elegantly hand crafted for a flawless finish.
The unusual dimensions of the tank gives budding aquascapers endless options for a unique scape.
Available now at selected retailers.

Mr AquaMr Aqua

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